Martha Crisp
"So I'm basically crazy"
'No your reality is just a bit realigned'
Martha Crisp
"That's what crazy is!"
And a moment later, and a bit quieter
Martha Crisp
"I'm not crazy."
Her hands felt sticky, they had been on her vest
'Go ahead, push me out of the chair, and see for yourself'
She did: not with any grace, or particular speed But with a deep well of rage hidden deep below a murky still pond He fell backwards, knocking his head against the wall Leaving an indent in the plaster The chair fell with him as he groped at his head She used the opportunity to walk out of the side dining area through the backyard door It felt real to her Her vest, she didn't wear a vest at work She walked out the door with two possibilities in her head
[She had a nervous breakdown => Killed someone and imagined a surreal conversation, 
She was drugged and kidnapped by a crazed charlatan,
The was real,
She was in the link now
She was acutely aware in a way she never was before about the structure of her own thoughts As if she could feel a physical place where they fit in her brain And just like that, as the bright moonlight hit her
Martha Crisp
"Fuck, it's night."
It was a bright light in the sky, but no - not the moon It was a bubble, descending She walked more determinedly Forcing each foot to the ground as a stop-measure against her rising panic She was in the backyard A lush and wet lawn spanning what looked like an acre, surrounded by trees... She went around the corner as Rossin stepped out of the door behind her He walked lazily down the steps, letting the door bang behind him Martha remembered this before, a jolting deja vu
Lana Alacira
"Reel her in!"
She felt a tugging on her vest The rope behind her split into every fiber of her memory A spiderweb, tugging at each edge, all encompassing her view Pulling on each blade of grass, each part of her memory The unique sensation of being ripped inside out Martha found herself on the floor of the bubble She took in a few breaths
Martha Crisp
"Okay, the exit is up that way."

Alacira was pulling the rope that led to martha's vest.
Lana Alacira
"If we don't go through soon, she'll land right back in!"
Lana Alacira
"It's right below us, and catching up."
Martha looked down below She saw herself, as herself, and from above Though the above view was fading, as was her memory of Alacira, the moment she was out of view. Martha went around the corner as Rossin stepped out of the door behind her He walked lazily down the steps, letting the door bang behind him
Martha Crisp
"You're following me now?"
He shifted his tie, adjusted his hat now that it was on him
'Well, I am in your head, you put two and two together.'
Leaving him behind she walked past the side of the... mansion... yes it was a mansion Complete with a ridiculously long driveway and hedges blocking all surrounding views She continued out to the street, Rossin making his way behind her
'There is more.'
He paused once he caught up
Martha Crisp
"I just pushed you out of a chair! You're real."