He said nothing when they got past the hedges onto the street Nor did he speak while on the pavement of the long narrow street with no lights They walked in silence for a time Each footfall kept her in the here and now Determined not to think of where she was, or where she was going
['Just walking',
'One foot in front of the other, one step at a time.'
'Eventually things will pass.']
She heard her steps in sync with Rossin's In the distance, a pale blue light rounded the corner of the street Rossin covered his lips with a single finger, then his whole hand And then he did a small skip and danced into the middle of the road Just in time for the car, not having slowed down at all, to hit him He folded under the hood and rolled underneath the tires Martha count three and a half rolls Some rational part of her brain managed to keep count Pulling him down and under as the car hobbled over him He rolled a few times on the pavement before laying motionless The car drove into the distance Martha rushed over into the middle of the street where his body lay She tried to brush her hair out of her face, to tuck it behind her ear She missed Her hand was shaking She never saw a car crash up close A voice behind her called out, from where she had just been
'Am I real?'
Rossin, without a scratch on him, dusted off his sleeve
'I really would like to know a definitive answer to that'
She a double take: the body she had just been leaning over was gone
'But you most probably are, so would you get out of the street.'