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notes: chapter structure:a-stone-walled-kink might make a good starting point.

  1. reset-2 //written
  2. { Narrator:"Martha" Martha wakes up she has no recent memory in a rich stranger's house Martha talks with Rossin discusses namshubs, hooks, and related philosophy of what an idea is don't look left a monster is there it ate Rossin's author Rossin subdued it but at a high cost Martha is a bit hollow Martha pushes Rossin and exits the house She concerns herself with her work Rossin gets hit by a car he is fine, asks what is real Martha can't do certain weird things: proprioception is messed with her ear and hands }
  3. the-start-of-bad-things //written
  4. where-things-go-wrong //written
  5. a-stone-walled-kink //written
  6. enter-the-den //written
  7. lions-tigers-and-bears //written
  8. tests //written
  9. inside-the-unknown //written
  10. vows //written
  11. lixin-merph //written
  12. errors //written
  13. redeye //written
  14. the-undernet //written
  15. restructuring //written
  16. interludes //written
  17. PART 2:
  18. the-plan //written
  19. descent-resent-torment //written
  20. confrontation //written
  21. seeds of a new world //written
  22. the great awakening //written
  23. consequences //writing
  24. { Narrator:"Martha Crisp" Rossin and Martha have a conversation: Martha thinks Rossin knew that much algera would kill her, Hedges her bets against Alacira if she is mistaken or lying: she keeps her suspicions close to herself, Wilbert worries that he only can go out on Halloween now Wilbert is not awake... just a fish-man, Narrator:"Robert Glass of the Tok" A surviving Robert Glass of the Tok in the lab of Alice Glass directing the manufacture of her serum among themselves, laments their inability to find a needle in a haystack. Goals: scene is to hammer home what Al-Tok is, its limitations, and a better picture of its immediate goals. Narrator:"Flanagan" Flanagan abandons his body, which dies when they enter the real world. Flanagan takes over Felix Felix is kept in the 'back-seat' of own his mind. Flanagan rifles though his brain links to chapters and events with Kent: [ from: the meeting of the undernet, to: walking The Chemist on the hospital bed, ] pragmatic reasons to keep the charade going - (he finds them). {TO USE} Everyone was in their own world, and trying to force everyone else to join them. But by pulling equally in all directions: commonalities appeared, ripples and echos of coherence. harmonizing waves in a sea of minds bound the desires of the outliers, often in persecution. }
  25. { Narrator:"Kent" Flanagan in Felix returns with Kent to his home Narrator:"The Relux" The Relux plot-line lines... //heist stuff }
  26. { Narrator:"Al-tok" Al-tok discovering the needle in its haystack - a link to every human heart. Al-tok now has a direct line to every human heart, It wants to talk to the person who put the needle there: Martha Narrator:"The Relux" The Relux plot-line lines... //heist stuff }
  27. { Narrator:"The Relux" The Relux plot-line lines... //heist stuff Jochek talks Martha what it is to be part of a hivemind. Narrator:"Martha" Robert Glass of the Tok starts giving people heart attacks just to distress Martha Al-tok's access to any human heart means it can take over for a short time. this is a death sentence Narrator:"Kent" Alacira and Flanagan nuke the lab - destroying the physical presence of Al-Tok. When Kent proves resistant to their manipulations, violence ensues? Robert in the body of ${}enters and informs them why they messed up in the second interludes }
  28. interludes 2 //writing
{ } PART 3 26 { Narrator:"Robert Glass" Time: shortly after summoning Al-tok Robert Glass, and Alice Glass (Who shares his mind) have a road trip They are hiding in the physical world They have a conversation: Al-tok is just controlling puppets, It is not actually in any of them. And it can remove himself quickly. It needs a physical presence: in order to inject it. 'equivalent to showing a vein' } 27{ Narrator:"The Relux" Al-tok attacks the Relux but being a hivemind - they stave it off. Narrator:"Martha" Martha suggests a giant hivemind for all humanity. Al-tok attacks Martha - Rossin sacrifices himself to prevent Al-tok from re-planting a seed. } 29 interludes 3?{ //not sure what to put here } part 4: 30{ Narrator:"Martha" Martha has nightmares, Is nearly taken over by Al-tok instead joins The Relux Narrator:"Robert" Alice in Robert suggests taking the serum inviting Al-tok into the physical world. Expose a vein Alice convinces Robert: the creature with billions of eyes and mouths feeding on humanity is not a good thing. Robert wants to use Al-tok as a chip to renegotiation. } 31{ Narrator:"Martha" They bring Al-tok back Through Robert/Alice They attempt to reach a bargain The are forced to sterilize Fail to sterilize No serum left. Martha convinces Felix to join The Relux } part 5: epilogue 32{ Narrator:"Various" montage of various small scenes In the form of links: stories of falling into Al-tok The Relux getting larger. Narrator:"Martha" Martha talks with Alacira: Alacira talks about setting up shop on an adjacent angle, in a different link hunting for Al-tok Martha gives Alacira a book Alacira destroys: disappearing. Felix overheads (as a Relux): He tries to keep it a secret fails breaks from The Relux Felix is sure Al-Tok is dealt with. something goes here to get martha away } 33{ Narrator:"Martha" Martha arrives at Flanagan's, Felix is gone Flanagan is bleeding out on the floor when he dies - he uses the landing pad on Martha Flanagan explains about the reality walkers to his surprise - he has no admin rights in her head, a consequence of Rossin being in there first Martha burns a stack of papers that may or may not be a catchall cure for cancer written in exactly one place. She herself disappears with a little guidance from Flanagan }

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